Urban Survival Playing Cards

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Our 1st printing SOLD OUT in 24 hours!  The 2nd & 3rd printing SOLD OUT before we got the order.  We're currently taking orders on the 4th printing of 2,000 and they're going FAST!

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These aren't simply playing cards...they're a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use if you need to survive in an urban area.

They include 52 insider secrets from the $47 SurviveInPlace.com Urban Survival Course, and cover operational security, psychology, field expedient medicine, basic survival skills, field tested tactical skills to help you not only survive, but thrive after disasters and breakdowns in civil order in urban areas, and much more.

Their small size (poker size) and light weight (3 ounces) makes them portable so that you can have them with you all the time to use as flashcards to hardwire essential survival skills into your brain.

They are inexpensive enough that you can put one in every GO bag, 72 hour kit, and glove compartment without breaking the bank.

They're priced so that you can give them to family & friends as gifts...both to fellow "preppers" and to people that you want to test the waters with.

Stress, low light, age, and exhaustion all make it harder to read small type.

These cards strike a perfect balance between the amount of information on each card and having a large enough text to actually be readable, so you'll be able to read them when you need the information most.

Pull this deck of cards out at your next poker night and see where the conversation goes!

Most importantly, if/when disaster strikes, you'll have your Urban Survival Playing Cards to refer to with many of the most important lessons form the SurviveInPlace.com Course.

Get yours right now...

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Here are 103 4 & 5 star reviews from satisfied customers!

"Fantastic information. When I go thru the deck I remember things that I have taken for granted. Well laid out info source."

"I purchased several and gave away. The recipients loved them. They were a big hit."

"Contains much useful information, including many surprising suggestions."

"Very nice deck of cards. Survival information good to have. Hopefully won't need, Be hard pressed to find more information in such a small package."

"Very thorough! Easy to follow."

"These are great! You get useable advice and solutions on cards that could be of great use if TSHTF....or even if it doesn't you can still play cards and enjoy the information on the cards."

"If you forget things under pressure or you want to help your family get up to speed at the outset of an emergency... these will be very helpful."

"Very convenient and easy to share for preparation and gift giving."

"They are an interesting way to get a huge list of guidelines for preparation for disasters of various types.

"I was really surprised by some of the survival tips contained within the deck. There were A LOT of extra things in there that I had NEVER even thought of, both for bug-in and bug-out scenarios. I'll be buying some more decks for family/friends as stocking stuffers for this Christmas."

"Great quality and very useful."

"Very informative with good critical information"

"They are multi-purpose, i.e. entertainment, survival knowledge, fire-starting, training others."

"I bought 2 decks of Urban Survival Playing Cards, and put them in Christmas presents to my sons, I looked them over and liked what I saw. Wish I'd ordered more, but on a fixed income and figure younger people need this kind of information more than I. I lived before all homes had electricity, an carried milk & butter back & forth to a spring. ha"

"They are really useful, I have used them here in the house several times since I got them, in my storage center and in fixing 72 hour kits."

"Very educational"

"overall, very good!"

"I thought they had some very good suggestions and thinking starters!"

"All information was to the point and brought attention to areas that could be overlooked. Also, gave information that was very helpfull in further planning for our needs."

"Excellent suggestions on each and every card."

"Excellent way to get unaware people to begin to pay attention. Everyone has to start somewhere and the cards are a good starter."

"great to have such information in such a small package. Hurricane season here in Florida makes these very handy."

"very good information on each card for nearly everyone"

"Very good tips that are easy to digest when playing a card game (while waiting for the other people to take their turn)."

"They may be very useful. Many people I know do not live in big cities."

"Good instructional usage."

"these are handy and take up hardly any room in ur BOB. Handy info on them for those who dont use the techniques on a regular basis."

"Great selection of helpful survival hints. they help open the conversation about preparedness with those close to me."

"good information"

"An excellent way of sharing critical survival knowledge and techniques."

"Lots of great tips!"

"Good topics covered - Does cause one to do further research on a given topic. That's a good thing."

"I thankfully have not had a need to use them, but having examined them thoroughly I can see where they might be invaluable in times of crisis. A number of things advised procedures that I would never have thought of."

"These are excellent tips and I plan to take the deck with me everywhere. I'll need at least one more pack for myself."

"I think they are not only inform but focus the survival thought process as well which enhances the value of the time spent and retention of the information."

"One place to find so many solutions and pointers in a convenient pack of cards."

"Gave them to my grown kids. At first, they thought Mom had gone nuts. Now the have all told me they think the cards are valuable. Go figure!"

"Great idea, not only for playing cards but to have as a just in case and to kinda keep everyones eyes on the prize!"

"Fun facts and easy to understand."

"I bought them for Christmas presents for my family and when my son looked at them he wanted more."

"Great product for BOB"

"excellent, informative and handy"

"Well done. Clear, concise descriptions."

"great points an gives you an starting point"

"Great information at your fingertips!"

"Great tips that I never would have thought of."

"Great idea with dual purpose!"

"I love them. Very informational."

"Great information for survival"

"It is a learning experience to flip thru the deck and pick up helpful hints. I keep a deck by my chair so I can run thru them at odd times."

"the cards are very helpful for teaching the little ones and friends"

"Well thought out. Lots of tips I haven't thought of yet. Very eye opening and very educational. I'm impressed."

"good info"

"The urban survival cards give many good ideas that are easily overlooked in a stressful situation."

"Information is about as good as it gets on a playing card."

"Very informative"

"Very helpful"

"Good info, but high on the price."


"A great wealth of useful information in a ready accessible format. Nice reminders and easy to use solo or in a group. Also, a good transition for children to get them into the mindset, while having fun."

"Great tips presented in a unique way and very understandable."

"very useful"

"Real life saving advice for use by everyone."

"These cards are filled with tips that one would not necessarily think of in a given situation. Knowledge of solutions come to mind if we are familiar with the instructions on the cards."

"I like the format. It's easy for me to review a rule or two at any time. They are small enough to take anywhere."

"Haven't used them yet, but the set I gave my cousin was a huge hit!! Thank you."

"Very practical. Efficient way to have survival tips and entertainment."

"I bought the cards solely for the survival tips. I seldom if ever play cards. The tips were interesting but clearly common sense stuff. On the other hand they help a person PREPARE in advance without being nervous or forgetful."

"because you have things I have never thougt on or considered so it's infomative."

"Loaded with plenty of information that would be useful when the shit hits the fan sort of speaking. Hey, if you don't have TV, etc, you can play cards and have fun and education while doing it."

"great idea"

"I gave them to my married grandchildren."

"Great supplemental info, I use them as flashcards and quiz the family."

"My granddaughter is teaching elemtary school children-I sent her a deck. I figured she will need all the knowledge she can collect if there should be any diaster. I liked the small size as one can carry in one's purse if female. It was a great idea."

"They had more than enough information on them"

"Simple advice in many areas. easy to carry and look at. Great idea."

"I am still reading them and I sure do like them. We are stocking some thing and they really help on planes."

"Good tips, but can be improved"

"Very good. Some cards plain common sense"

"a few of my family are in more urban areas. The cards make learning what to do fun and pressure free--important with a prepper mom. Nagging gets to be old, met with glazed over expressions..."

"very informative easy to read and understand"

"because you can't think of everything and these are a reminder, can be usful in a stresful situation

"Great idea, Thanks.

"great idea.handy,easy to use

"Very practical. Too bad there's only 52.

"great info at a quick glance

"I can't believe the amount of information on the cards, as I have been in the wilderness most of my life, & shooting with pistols, etc. Thank you so much, & I hope that you continue to put out more items for sale that are like these great wealth of information in a very fast fix, or even in storing them in your Bug-Out-Bag. Very well written! Sharon

"Quick,easy reference

"We spent one whole evening checking them over. We know they will be very useful. My favorite one so far is the bleach to water ratio. Of course there's lots of good ones besides that one. We're very pleased with them and keep one in each of our solar powered back packs.

"The cards are a great multi-task item. The info on the cards is useful and if you have time after reading the cards, you can play a card game!

"Great set of cards, really good information.

"Each card is clearly marked. In addition, they are made with very quality stock and are laminated. The information on each is very informative and important. I highly recommend these for the information and to pass the time.

"These cards are GREAT!!! I purchased 2 decks, but gave one to a buddyof mine.. he intends to purchase a few decks for gifts, as do I..thanks for these life saving/ life sustaining cards...

"Very informative and an easy way to get people to read the information."

"The cards were great. But, I hoped there would have been a write up on each of the cards. So, I would have 52 survival tips." Otherwise they were great.

"A plethora of great tips on every card."

"Keep them with me always. All family members carry one also!"


"They are a good mix of valuable information, some even usable in everyday life."

"The 10 of diamonds is great. I look at it as a pretty ggod education for $17. Got extras for my kids."

"Some innovative and informative tips. Most are simply reminders, but useful in a stressful situations.":

"I learned I did know it all. Big help"

"Straight to the point"

If you've read this far and STILL aren't convinced, there may not be any help for you. Click the darn button and buy a deck. They're covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee which exactly ZERO people have taken advantage of in 4+ years!
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Disclaimer:  These cards are provided for entertainment purposes for adults over the age of 21 only.  You should never attempt any of the actions mentioned without the in-person aid and guidance of a qualified professional.  Failure to do so could result in embarrassment, injury, death, imprisonment, or one of several other very bad outcomes to you or to others around you. The bearer of these cards accepts all responsibility for their use or misuse.

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